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Ring Road

Ring Road

You might notice the header photo has changed.  Well, that’s because we’re leaving lovely Reykjavik for paths less traveled.  We’re off on our trek around the island.

Yesterday we picked up our car from Geysir rental cars.  Why?  Because they advertised a “Tin Can du Jour”.  Rental cars here are insanely expensive (mandatory collision coverage and you need to factor in gravel protection as the roads get rough).   Tin Can it is.

The adventure is a week-long circumnavigation of Iceland on Route 1, the Ring Road.  Completed in 1974, Þjóðvegur 1 or Hringvegur (Wikipedia also told me) connects all the “habitable” parts of Iceland.  Erm.  Not totally.  Because that weird blob on the top left?  That’s the Westfjords.  We went there.  And there were houses.  More, the Ring Road facilitated transportation around the country which was often made difficult because the interior gets pretty gnarly.

The other best part from Wikipedia?  No, I’m not even going to paraphrase this gem: “The south part of the Ring Road is sometimes destroyed by sudden massive floods caused by geothermal heat and volcano eruptions melting ice under Iceland’s inland icecaps (usually Vatnajökull)”.  Our first night we’ll be right by Eyjafjallajökul!

Here’s a map I found with big blue dots on the places most people stop for a night.



Those big white blobs are glaciers.  Yup, there are some huge honking glaciers here.  That really big one, Vatnajökull, makes up 8% of the country and has seven volcanoes under it.  That is awesome.

So, we’ll be driving the 1339km in the next week.  One lane in each direction, and huge stretches of highway that see less than 100 cars per day.  Our heads are just about to explode with excitement.

Camping is popular and easy here. Almost every town has a campsite and many folks simply ask the nearest farmer for advice on flat land.

Since the banking crash last year, many farmers have been struggling. Getting clever, many turned their barns or extra buildings into guest quarters. You can help out on the farm or sample their home made ice cream! We’re excited to stay in a farm out on the East Fjords Monday night (we’re trying a category II).

Fear not fellow travelers, I’ve planned ahead.  Posts have been set up even as we’ll be camping and staying in farm houses.  They’ll be a little bit different from the last month, but I think you will enjoy them. So, do come on back and check.  You never know when a special treat from the road will appear!

We’re back in town on Friday in time for Brett to run the Reykjavik Half Marathon on Saturday!

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