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On Fridays

There are things that feel like mini-revolutions to me that I realize are not that impressive. That, when you try to describe them to other people, you get a “That’s nice” and you (meaning I) want to yell that it is not only not just nice, it might just be epic. A recent lunchtime discussion led us to a new plan for Fridays. And it feels a bit revolutionary. It certainly feels closer to our end goal, a work/life teeter totter that teeters more life than work, which is still the goal but MAN it takes work.

We’ve decided that if we want to use time flexibly because we have that privilege, we should. In fact, we must.

On Fridays we will work in the mornings. Not super original.

And then? And then the afternoon becomes ours. Childcare is taken care of as Lo wiles away the day with her buddies. Rather than pay for that and a babysitter for a night out, we’ll make our days more datey.

Perhaps a long lunch. Perhaps a movie.

We’re not at a place to write the day off and will likely work Friday evenings when needed. But that feels like a smart compromise right now. Someday perhaps the whole day will be a day of rest and restoration. Having four hours set aside to attend to leisure, to partnership, to go to the movies(!) already feels like a giant running leap towards where we plan to go.

I suggested once a month we do a loud project in the house we don’t want to do and often use La Loie as an excuse. It felt grown up to say that some of that freedom could be used responsibly. Perhaps we’ll do that. I recently started organizing my writing place, The Nook. So we could do the basement. The basement makes B squirrelly.

So today we start. We’ve got passes to the Merchandise Mart’s Antiques Fair as B built their site in partnership with Kim & Kyle at Knoed. And as the inaugural Friday, we’re taking the whole damn day off. We also plan on hitting up a Creative Mornings talk with Mike McQuade, a local design star (and not in the HGTV sense). Brunch might be had. Hand-holding city walking might happen. Doesn’t feel like much of a compromise at all. And…sometimes the kid gets a fever.

C’est Marveilleux

C’est Marveilleux

Getting Our Gîte On

Getting Our Gîte On