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The Sporting Life

Wikipedia declared knowingly that “Sports in Iceland are very popular.” Ahhh, insightful!

We learned early on that swimming is big. And that handball is considered the national sport. I must admit, I don’t know what that is (except something you are not allowed to do in soccer). I do know that the entire Olympic Silver medal winning 2008 team had their penises cast in silver and are hanging in the Icelandic Phallological Museum (which has models of every mammal in Iceland, even those that don’t win medals).

Anyway, let’s focus. Iceland is also currently the top ranked nation in the World’s Strongest Man competition with 8 wins. Feats of strength (not sure about daring do) are right up Iceland’s alley. They also excel in the more cerebral sporting world. Chess (this is a nation that granted Bobby Fischer citizenship when no other one wanted him) and contact bridge are also considered sports here, and Iceland a world leader.

And of course, the sport that thrives world round, soccer. There is evidence, thought, that Icelanders do it with a bit more funk.

First, early each August Ísafjörður (we were there Friday and just missed it) in the Westfjords hosts the mud soccer championships. Curious as to what that looks like?

And even if they are going to just, you know, win in penalty kicks, they’re going to do it with style. This is courtesy of my favorite soccer fan, Trish Oberhaus. Thanks Monster.

Operation Fork

Ring Road

Ring Road