Feb 12 2015

This Old Stuff: Grandma’s Linens

My mom recently called to say she “put a little something” in the mail. It’s my grandma’s never used linens from the late 1940s. I mean. I just want to use them and not use them and frame them and tuck them away for Loie.

I’ve been thinking a lot about old treasures and when/how they should be used. My friend Johanna says that it’s in their use that objects find beauty and meaning. And I totally agree and am also tickled I have friends who think big things like that.

I am both mystified by my grandma’s desire to not use nice things and then totally realize I am doing the same thing.

In my head it’s that NOW they are old and nice and maybe, just maybe, that gives them enhanced need for protection? But to what end? So I can hand them off perfect to Lo? So she can never use them?