Sweet Mondays 2/19/13

We were in California this week.

So I wasn’t baking for Design Cloud friends. But I was with my delightful family.

My sister hosted a dinner on Sunday night. We got some insanely lovely pies from Phillips Farm in Lodi. Think part wine tasting, part petting zoo, all with breakfast burritos. You can’t really lose.

IMG_2962And while I didn’t bake, I did make some whipped cream to go with the pies. This has been my go to recipe for quite some time.

Three ingredients. If you can, stick the bowl in the freezer for 15 minutes before hand. I don’t know why the hell it helps, but it does.

I’m always stumped by how you can stop whipping “right” before stiff peaks form but so far, no one has called me out for a major whipped cream failure. Sub-par whipped cream beats no whipped cream.



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