Something I Love

Oh, pastry cloth. I love you.

This is easily one of the best gifts I’ve received in recent years. A dear friend gifted several of her baking-prone buddies a pastry cloth from Norpro for the holidays. We all looked at the rolling pin condom (?) with confusion until she explained it.

The flip side of this cloth has measurements for dough so you can roll it out to 8 or 9 inches. I’m not sure why I used this side, but I can report that it works splendidly too!

It keeps me from spraying my entire kitchen with flour as I fail miserably at creating a surface “lightly floured”.

I realize many have walked the path of the pastry cloth before. I’m ok being late to convert but now I will proselytize¬†aggressively. Seriously, go get one. Now.

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