Something I Love

Oh, Neskat hair clippies, I love you!

At about 8 or 9 months, Lo’s hair had grown long enough in the front that she was looking a bit too Eddie Furlong for my taste. Girl needed some help. But how to help? Hair accessories seem safe, right? Not always.

There began a dull ache of a struggle in the back of my parenting brain that I know is just the first of many. It’s been articulated by many before me, and probably better.¬†In short, raising a girl is awesome. I know it is going to be awesome. I am ready to both model (when I can) and talk about (when I can) how to embrace being a girl, and then a woman, while not kowtowing to being precious. I struggle with that teeter totter between a level of girly that feels empowered and the level of girlie that feels overly twee.

I’m not a clothing fascist. I can get behind pink, my heistation is more that I don’t think her little coppertop looks great in pale pinks. I love me some owls. And something scroll-y in French? Sold.

I certainly don’t want -Juicy- on her butt, at least until she can clearly articulate to me an argument that makes it make sense. For now, I don’t love -princess- or -diva- or other sassified crap on her clothing. It’s just not me. And with our lack of royal blood and my inability to carry a tune both in her DNA, it’s probably not her either. I felt pretty good about the clothing choices I was making and now…now I needed to figure out hair.

Enter Neskat, an etsy store that I lurve.

These delicious clippies are just the right twee, and two we own at Chez Argyle. Contrast stitching, felt, wool, delightfully intricate for being so tiny. Autumnal leaves, charming birds, and embroidered lovelies abound.

Easy to put on, not easy to fall off during roly poly play, the San Francisco-based etsy shop is doing it right.

And the best part? Apparently when I put the clips in Loie’s hair from the first time on, I said “BOOP!” right as it clipped it in. And now, my precocious little parrot doesn’t know the word barrette. She only knows that every morning she gets a boop in her hair. Yup, a boop. Just the right amount of twee for me.

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