Something I Love

Oh, Victorinox bread knife. I love you.

When registering, we wanted a bread knife. A good bread knife.

I stumbled across the insanely good Amazon reviews of this knife after being whisper-guided that way by a clerk at a store. The clerk pointed our way to an under $50 knife that would serve us very, very, very well.

The wavy cut of the 10 1/4 blade works beautifully on baguettes and we also came to learn tomatoes. No more shirking tomato cutting duties for this girl.

And the best? The best is that it has made easy work of chocolate cutting. I read about it in a cookbook and it was a game changer.

First time I tried it is the photo above. We needed a ton of dark chocolate for raspberry stracciatella ice cream. The perfectly chopped chocolate hits the cold ice cream, re-hardens and is “torn apart” which is where the term stracciatella comes from. Love me some etymology. And some ice cream.

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