One from the Archive: Wedding Window

In the August before our wedding in 2009, I was almost surprised by a trip to Amsterdam. I say almost in that Brett had the idea and the desire but knew to pull a bride mid-planning and weeks away from the event away from all the, well, things could be dangerous. (note: not all brides need to plan or behave this way. I, in ways I am proud of and less proud of, needed to plan). So he instead surprised me with the idea of a trip, which was quite enough for me.

Off we jetted to Amsterdam for a long weekend. The city. Oh, that city.

As we wandered some street in some neighborhood I’d die to live in, we stumbled across this small collection in a window. I have no idea if it was a wedding-related business. Or a home. Or a message or just twee. But in those almost-married days, it was perfect.

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