Not-A-Princess Halloween: Amelia Earhart Edition

It’s mid-September. And I’m kind of stressing the kid’s Halloween costume.

Obnoxious, right? It’s only because I nailed it last year.

I have no idea if Lo will skew princess and poofy in her grade school days. I don’t totally mind if she likes pink and purple and glitter. I know she’s strong and fast and learned how to do a somersault all on her own. She jumps and digs in dirt. So girl having some girlie girl in her doesn’t get me down. We’re not likely to support any clothing that implies she’s shitty at math or “boy crazy” at 4 so a little unicorn or rainbow action here and there is tolerable.

Still, until she can articulate a reason for a specific costume, mama’s gonna run the show. Her first year (2011) she was a big plush mess of an 7 month old owl from a Pottery Barn Kids costume. It was SO CUTE.¬†(Here’s a tiny pic so you aren’t so distracted). See those wiggly feet?


Last year, though, I wanted to not spend a ton of money AND exert more creative control. Yup, I can own that.

She’s an adventurous spirit and I’m a former history teacher and a feminist.

Adventure + history + feminism = Amelia Earhart


Here’s how I put it together.

That amazing hat? It’s from my friend Sarah’s friend’s talented hand. Blaze ‘n’ Crochet helped this sister out. I wrote her after seeing a girlie aviator’s cap and said I wanted something a dash more Amelia. Blaze doesn’t even begin to describe it. That lady got that hat done in about 11 minutes. I have proof. She uploaded this picture so quickly I’m not sure I had even hit send on the order! It.was.perfect. And the hat was a staple in our fall accessories.

Blaze 'n' Crochet web

The scarf was purchased here, the one sell out to the Halloween consumer machine (and ours was only $6). The khakis are ten buck uniform pants from Old Navy and the brown corduroy jacket (sorry, no leather aviator jacket this year kid) is too, but I found it on eBay. It had a hood by we tucked it in for authenticity’s sake (Cheerio cup is super authentic, I know). Both of those were reused, though we’re not really a khaki family.

It felt smart because a last-evening-in-October in Oak Park can be chilly. She was already in a hat and jacket! At playdates and parties indoors, we removed the jacket and had her wear a plain old onesie, which gave her a devil-may-care casualness I think Amelia would’ve approved of.

Then, we added a bit of sepia goodness and BOOOM had a picture ready for the history books. (Yes we have old suitcases. Yes we have a typewriter. Yes I’ve seen this. AND yes, I should’ve moved the shoes.)


The only challenge now is that I’ve set a high bar for myself. I realize this is a purely ridiculous thing to obsess about. But I am. And there aren’t a ton of toddler friendly obvious feminine icon costumes, you know what I mean?

I’ve been scouring The Reconstructionists (an amazing project by Lisa Congdon and Maria Popova). So many rad women, if not done soo soo carefully, could just look like “standard prairie girl” or “old timey costume.” Sigh. Oh! They featured¬†Diana Nyad?! Kind of goes against my chilly weather plan.

Onward. Or upward? Maybe it’s Sally Ride time.

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