May 22 2013

One from the Archives: Marrakech


One evening during our honeymoon, we sat and watched the sun set over the Jamaa el Fna (ساحة جامع الفناء). Jamaa el Fna can translate either to something about congregating or something about death. So, depending on which guide book you read it’s either charming or ominous.

Either way, it’s still the main square in Marrakech with winding alleyways leading to the square from the many twists and turns of the medina. During the day, it’s an orange juice stall-strewn gathering place for locals and tourists and locals trying to get tourists to buy stuff. At night, food stalls stand at attention and games of chance replace leashed monkeys.

It was a sincerely insane sunset that night and we had a perch atop one of the many cafes that line the plaza. So we sat and sipped and talked about the colors of the sky as the call to prayer started in round-like fashion all around us. The calls ended, the sun set, and then, it was dark. I’ve no clue what this man was doing or selling. I wouldn’t have been surprised by any answer.

Mar 8 2013

One from the Archives: Thailand


A winding, winding road leads up Doi Suthep, a mountain just west of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. So winding in fact that as we rode in our little car back in 2008 we passed a motorbike with a woman sporadically puking off the back.

At the top is Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, a Buddhist complex dating from the 1380s. Some folks complain the chedi lost its charm when it was outfitted in gold. Me? I dig it.

I swear, if you stand still long enough in Thailand you will either have a picture of the “Jazz King” hung on you OR you will be gilded within an inch of your life. it must be in the constitution.