Apr 13 2012

Something I Love.

Oh, Vintage Industrial Furniture, I love you.

While working on our kitchen remodel, we were a bit stuck as to what to do with the space next to the pantry. It was crying out for shelves but the depth (12″) was an odd one, a few inches too shallow for a bookshelf to work.

I got to googling. The clean, modern lines of the dark cabinets were nicely balanced by the banged up hardware but we wanted some industrial elements to fit in with the lighting and our aesthetic.

In comes Greg Hankerson of Vintage Industrial. No, wait. He didn’t really come in because he’s based out of Phoenix. But he’s good with the phone, good with email, and awesome with furniture design and construction.

We got a custom 308 shelf which fits so perfectly snug in its spot that it makes my heart happy. It’s described as French industrial which, being a description snob, sat right in the Burwell sweet spot. Greg sent us bolting supplies to secure the shelf to the wall so little Loie & Co wouldn’t bring it crashing down. We also opted to not have the castor wheels, which bummed me out but the old house and the unlevel floors and, well, it just didn’t seem like the way to go (although they can be locked down). New parent anxiety wins sometimes.

Some glass jars, a wine rack, books and it was super ready to serve. We’ve since rearranged to allow for more glass jars full of dried goods. Vintage Industrial, smooches to you.

This is an insanely bad picture, I agree. Angles just weren’t playing nicely. The shelf does.