Aug 3 2015

What Happens Next: Napier

I’ve traveled to places, like Heimaey in Iceland. I’ve read of places, like Pompeii. In those places, you go to see what they looked like the moment disaster struck. A moment frozen in time under lava. There’s usually a loaf of bread in an oven somewhere to emphasize the moment-in-timeness.

When we traveled to Napier, we got to see that next moment. What happens after disaster. After leaving a town still deciding it’s post-quake identity, I wanted to see how one city answered that question. Napier answered it with a fondant exclamation point.


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Aug 2 2015

Saturday Evening Post, August 1 2015

A few photos from our week.

New Regent Street, Christchurch

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Jul 26 2015

Saturday Evening Post, July 25 2015

A few photos from our week.

Punting on the Avon

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Jul 25 2015

Day Trip: Arthur’s Pass

Another week, another rad day trip. This time, we headed northwest into the mountains.


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Jul 21 2015

Day Trip: Akaroa

One element of this trip that Brett remarked about today is that I’ve, ahem, ceded some of the planning control. It’s true. He’s been Captain Daytrip, planning our jaunts drivable from the house. And dude has rocked it.

His first smash success was Akaroa.


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Jul 18 2015

Saturday Evening Post, July 18 2015

A few photos from our week.

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Jul 12 2015

Working on Joy: Halswell Miniature Trains

Let’s talk about tiny trains. The damn coolest tiny trains in any hemisphere.

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Jul 11 2015

Saturday Evening Post, July 11 2015

A few photos from our week.

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Jul 7 2015

Sure to Rise

In February 2011, Christchurch and surrounds were rocked by a 6.3 earthquake. Christchurch sustained substantial damage and the city is still in re-build mode four years later. When we did our first sojourn in from Sumner, the beach town we’re staying in, it was a brief trip in to test out driving on the left and ease out of a 24 hour travel day and begin to grasp what a city in flux looks like.

I was expecting it to be both better and worse, which I realize is ridiculous.


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Jul 4 2015

Saturday Evening Post, July 4 2015

A few photos from our week.


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